The top courses to help you get hired


You don’t have to wait until September to go back to school… 

There might not be a better time of year to start a new qualification than August. Not only is it a more productive way to spend your extra time than sitting in pub gardens (cheers Great British summertime) – but as course providers are gearing up for the new educational year, there are a whole host of excellent discounts and offers available to keep the costs down.

To help you discover your new passion, here are three of the hottest courses you can find on this month.


Child Psychology Diploma

Always wanted to work out what young children are thinking? You’re in luck.

This CPD certified Child Psychology Diploma provides you with everything you need to start thinking about thinking full-time.

No previous knowledge or experience is required to get started, making it perfect for anyone looking for a new calling. It even comes with an NUS card whilst you study, giving you access to hundreds of discounts across some of the UK’s biggest brands.

Modules covered include physical and emotional development, gender roles and behavioural problems, through to key life stages, from toddlers’ right up to the difficult ‘teenage years’.

So, whether you want to know the best way to react to unpredictable mood swings, or just the definitive way to deal with an incredibly inquisitive child (thank us when you have to answer ‘are we there yet?’ for the eighty seventh time), this course has you covered.

Long car journeys may never be the same again…

What do I need? An open mind about the mind.

How long will it last? There’s no time limit – so you can study at your own pace.

Perfect for: People who think, therefore they are (willing to buy a course).

Child Psychology course


Digital Marketing


Actually, if you guessed that it would end up in you gaining a Digital Marketing Diplomathat will instantly make your CV stand out to employers in the industry, you’re pretty much bang on.

That’s because it covers a range of key digital marketing disciplines (and/or impressive sounding acronyms) including SEO, PPC, CRM and GA. Also, you know, social media marketing, digital marketing strategy, copywriting and email marketing. Those too.

And it isn’t just the content that’s impressive. Studying with the Learning People comes with a wide range of benefits included as part of the package, with everything from webinars, expert mentor support and even a CV detox thrown in for good measure.

Want to become a Digital Marketing maestro? Just want to get past Penguins, Pandas and Hummingbirds*? Insert incredibly enticing call-to-action here…

What do I need? An interest in building engaging digital marketing campaigns.

How long will it last? Around 30 hours (part-time and full-time options available).

Perfect for: People who have got their white caps on.   ” Read more